Magnetic Pulser Field Therapy Device MIM-2

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MIM-2 is a small electronic generator set that produces a low frequency and very low power magnetic field with a specific pulse shape - similar to a pulse in nerve cells.

By systematically using the MIM-2 pulse generator, we regain energy and vitality!

Technical Information

Magnetic field induction « 5 µT

Frequency (Delta)  “1” ~4 Hz

Frequency (Alfa)  “2” ~12 Hz

Pulse duration ~0,2 ms

Voltage – battery DC 9V (6F-22)

Power consumption  < 1 mA

Size 22x60x90 mm

Capacity use ~ 70g Battery life under continuous use  ~ 1 month

Set Components

- Belt (with 1 or 2 pockets depends on the version)

- Pulser device MIM-2 (1 or 2 pieces depends on the version

5 years limited manufacturer warranty

Made in Poland 

DO NOT use alkaline batteries. Use only zinc-carbon batteries