Filtration System with Molecular Water

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• removes organic and inorganic pollutants

• lowers the potential ORP (oxidation-reduction potential)

• raises the pH of water (alkaline water)

• structures the water

• restores the water’s magnetic memory while organizing her dipoles 

• improves the taste and smell of water



The system uses pressure of domestic water system (installation). The pressurized water passes through the molecular membrane which retains impurities. Purified water is directed into the tank, and from the tank the water flows into the spout. All impurities are then directed to the water drainage system.

The system consists of high-quality cartridges for pre-treatment and final treatment. The cartridges initially retain (collect) mechanical and organic impurities, and chlorine. The final cartridges improve the taste and smell of water, and eliminate the gaseous trace substances that can penetrate through the molecular membrane. The four-way shut-off valve shuts off the water supply when the tank is full, and the spout is closed.

Filtration system with molecular water structurizer/system by Visanto will provide you with an inexhaustible source of crystal clear water, perfect for drinking, cooking, and other purposes. Having a source of high quality water at hand eliminates the need to purchase bottled water.


Filtration system with molecular water structurizer/system by Visanto is unique. The best specialists engaged in the subject of water indicate that the water’s pH (above 7.5) and its oxidation-reduction potential (less than 100 mV) are important, but not the most important. Often we hear about so-called "living water" as the best water for the human body.

Water parameters that make it a living water are not the Redox potential, nor high pH. Those parameters are: its structure and the information received by the Earth's undisturbed magnetic field. (Eg. glacier water, water from healing streams, etc.) Water from the glacier does not have a high pH, nor very low value of Redox potential, but this water is extremely healthy for us.

As you know, the intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field has been dropping sharply, however, in an extremely rapid pace its disturbances increase as a result of strong electromagnetic fields generated by various electrical appliances, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, routers, TVs, laptops, tablets, and even electrical wires located in every house.

For this reason, the water system by Visanto is equipped with a special pulser (pulse generator) of magnetic field, corresponding to the exact characteristics of the Earth's magnetic field. In order to avoid the influence of additional electromagnetic field, the pulse generator is powered from a DC battery, which does not induce an alternating electromagnetic field.

In addition, studies Filtration system with molecular water structurizer by Visanto, which have been carried out in the laboratory in Switzerland, have demonstrated that structured water is produced. This means that the water has a very high bioavailability. Even the purest tap water is completely useless for the human body at the cellular level.

Operation of the device is based on reverse osmosis system, and this purification is followed by re-mineralization. This ensures, above all, excellent water purification and re-saturation of minerals.

It is worth noting, however, that ordinary drinking water is not a substantial source of minerals for the human body. The best source of minerals for humans are vegetables and fruits, but only from certified organic farming.

Another valuable source of natural minerals is, for example, Kłodawa, Celtic or Himalayan salt.

The replaceable elements are filter cartridges. The average frequency of replacement of the cartridges, depending on the parameters of the filtered water, is 6 to 12 months.


Height: 43 cm
Width: 33 cm
12 cm
Pressure range of water supply: 2.2 - 6.0 Bar
Temperature range of water supply: 4-38 degrees ° C
The pH range of water supply: 2 - 11
Yield 291 L (**): 
The volume of water tank: 12 L
The dimensions of water tank: Height: 350mm, Diameter: 250mm(*)

• water hardness: < 17 mg CaCO3
• Turbidity: < 1 NTU
• SDI (colloidal index): < 5
• Fe: < 0.1 mg/l
• Mn: < 0.05 mg/l
• Si: < 25mg/l
(**) In a pressure of 4 [bar], water temperature - 25 [°C] and TDS = 250 ppm




Installation is not included in the cost of product. 

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