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About Visanto

Visanto Supplements is a family owned business with love and passion for creating the highest quality pure and natural supplements.

Founded by Jerzy Zieba, author of the popular book “Hidden Therapies: What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You”, Visanto has over 20 years of experience in natural therapies. Jerzy Zieba has created a product line comprised of only the highest quality ingredients – using the best biological form of the natural ingredient.

Now available in the United States, Visanto Supplements can be found online at www.visantous.com or at authorized health stores.


Visanto Supplements

Visanto supplements never contain any chemicals, fillers, or additives.

Vitamins, omegas, probiotics, collagen, and other specialty Visanto Supplements may support health needs such as:


Dietary supplements to support hair, skin, and nails

Bone and Joint Health

Dietary supplements to help support healthy joints and strong bones


Dietary supplements to support the cardiovascular system


Dietary supplements to support a healthy gut and digestive track


Dietary supplements to aid in removing toxins from the body


Dietary supplements to help maintain and improve energy levels

Eye Health

Dietary supplements to help maintain eye health and protect against damaging free radicals

Immune Support

Dietary supplements to support the immune system


Dietary supplements to help reduce inflammation