K2-MK7 200mcg VISANTO

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200 mcg K2-MK7 with the addition of Vitamin D3 and flaxseed oil.

100% NATURAL, free of GMO 

Amount: 60 soft gel capsules

There are many forms of vitamin K2-MK7 on the market. However, despite the same chemical name: menaquinon, they differ in bioactivity. In other words, vitamins from two different manufacturers, but with the same name, may vary in their biological activity.

Besides, the most common Vitamins K2-MK7 on the market, are SYNTHETIC, because it allows to reduce the price.

Vitamin K2-MK7 of Visanto brand is a 100% NATURAL product with the highest BIOACTIVITY.

This product is not a significant source of vitamin D3. In this case, vitamin D3 has been added for technological reasons. Those already taking vitamin D3 can take this form of vitamin K2-MK7 without fear of overdose of vitamin D3.


Vitamin K2-MK7 Visanto has very little effect on blood clotting in contrast to vitamin K1. Nevertheless, people taking blood-thinning agents, or having any other problems with blood, should start using vitamin K2-MK7 under medical supervision.

Experience shows that in such cases, there were no problems documented, if especially at the beginning of use of vitamin K2-MK7 coagulation parameters are within the normal range. It is important that in the case of this vitamin, it has not been demonstrated toxic even at high doses, eg. above 500 mcg per day.

Much more information on the extremely positive effect of vitamin K2-MK7 on our health can be read in the book "Hidden Therapies - what your doctor won’t tell you."

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.